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Planting Peach Trees

The fruit productivity of peach trees declines with age, therefore, to maintain our peach crop we must periodically replace older peach trees (10-15 years-old) with new trees. We planted our newest field of peaches during the Summer of 2018.

Peach trees are planted in the field by variety and in order of harvest.
These long rows are approximately 2 feet deep.
The tree is planted so that the roots are parallel with the long row. This placement allows the roots space to grow.
After the roots are completely covered, the soil is compacted so that the roots have a secure contact with the soil.
These newly planted peaches will grow for approximately 3 years prior to bearing fruit for harvest.
To prepare the field for planting, long peach rows are made with a middle buster.
The long rows are intersected by short rows (see arrow above) and the peach trees are planted at the intersection of the long and short rows.
Once positioned, the roots are then covered with soil.
A disk is then used to cover the soil mounds.
The soil mound is then covered with granular lime and fertilizer. The granular lime is used to increase the pH level of the soil.
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