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Yellow Peach


Nutritional Information:

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Yellow Peach

Quick Facts About:



Available For Wholesale:

  • 25# boxes, sorted by size

Handling & Storage:

  • Wash prior to consumption

  • Ripen at room temperature, then put in refrigerator until ready to eat

Harvest Time:

Types Grown:

Freestone- As the name suggests, the stone or pit inside a freestone peach separates easily from the flesh. Freestone peaches are excellent for eating just as is. You can also cut them in half since the pit will usually fall right out and you can use them for baking, canning, or freezing!This variety is most commonly found in grocery stores and at Farmer's Markets.

Clingstone- Contrary to freestone peaches, clingstone do exactly that, the flesh clings to the pit or stone of the peach. Clingstone peaches tend to be a little smaller, sweeter, and juicier than freestone peaches. This variety is an excellent choice for canning and preserving peaches!

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